The most powerful keylogger for home and office use just got even more invisible with the latest upd

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Published: 20th March 2009
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Elite Keylogger has the word "Elite" in the name for one very good reason. Frankly, this keylogger puts all others to shame. There are virtually hundreds of key stroke recording programs out there, but only three or four are equipped as well as this software. Here is the proof that this is not just PR hype:

Contrary to what the name suggests, recording keystrokes is not the only Elite Keylogger's function, although the program certainly does that. For instance, this application comes with clipboard capturing feature. Oftentimes, passwords, access codes or URLs may be too long or too difficult to type in and users prefer copying and pasting. While ninety nice percent of the existing keyloggers would not capture this data, Elite Keylogger users will get access to this crucial information.

Ability to avoid detection is another very important issue. Many keyloggers claim "stealth", but are easily detected not only by anti-spyware and anti-keyloggers but by simply looking at the list of recently installed software. Elite Keylogger masks as a driver file and uses smart installation algorithm, which makes it invisible to PC users. It does not ask user permission for driver installation or anything else. The program starts logging keystrokes automatically upon boot up, before a user is logged in, thus making it possible to capture Windows user login and password (a lot of keyloggers don't).

Screen capturing is an additional benefit Elite Keylogger users get when they purchase the software. To minimize log file size, the program does not take screenshots while PC is idle. The software can also automatically purge log files after reaching certain size limit to spare disk space and further complicate detection. Logs can also be deleted automatically after they are e-mailed or after specified time period has lapsed. All logs are encrypted and can not be viewed even if accidentally stumbled upon.

Here are some extra features that make other keylogger developers jealous: Elite Keylogger captures all characters (including special ones - Alt, Shift, Ctrl, F1-F12, Print Screen, Num Lock, etc.), can be used for monitoring multiple users at the same time, works in network environment even when authorization is required to save log files and can be accessed remotely by accessing a specific port on the monitored computer via LAN or Internet.

To get specific information about how Elite Keylogger monitors and records every detail of e-mails, chats, IM "conversations" and websites visited, please visit

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